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Piano Discoveries On-Staff Starter Book
Janet Vogt, Leon Bates

You may chose to start your piano student with this On-Staff Starter book instead of the Off-Staff Starter. In this case, students read simple tunes from the grand staff immediately, after a quick and clear five-page orientation to black key groups, white keys and their letter names, measures, quarter notes, and the single five-line staff. The simple tunes are all in middle C position. The first tune, If You Think That You Might Giggle, features the right hand alone playing middle C and middle D. The second tune, To B or Not to "B," features the left hand playing middle C and middle B. New notes in middle C position, spanning out from middle C, D and B, are added gradually throughout the book. The entire book includes charming songs, all in middle C position, just one note at a time with the melody weaving between the hands. Other concepts introduced include steps and skips; quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes; rests; and dynamics. Once the On Staff Starter is completed, the student is ready to move onto Level 1A, the Explorer Book. Superstar Solos 'n Stickers (listed as "Superstar Solos" below) offers supplemental pieces with 16 stickers/book to reward the student for the completion of each piece.

Piano Discoveries Library Series. Discover the difference a method can make with this exciting series! Piano Discoveries captures the musical imagination of students and teachers alike with appealing and sensitive repertoire, well-integrated and supportive music theory, creative activities, and a gradually paced building of technical skills that equips the student to progress successfully and musically. Created by an exceptional team: composer and teacher, Janet Vogt; world acclaimed concert artist and master teacher, Leon Bates; along with guidance and contributions from innovative composers and teachers including Nancy Telfer, Gail Berenson, Scott McBride Smith, Martha Sherrill Kelsey, and Rebecca Shockley, Piano Discoveries reflects the expertise and talents of its entire creative team.

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