Piano Discoveries Library, Beginning Book - Off-Staff Starter - Split-Track Accompaniment CD - Piano Method Series*

Piano Discoveries Library, Beginning Book - Off-Staff Starter - Split-Track Accompaniment CD - Piano Method Series*

Heritage Music Press

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Piano Discoveries Off-Staff Acc CD
Janet Vogt, Leon Bates
Accompaniment CD

Absolutely delightful! Piano Discoveries is a fabulous, carefully thought-out, and pedagogically sound piano method, supported by adorable, illustrated characters and nurturing colors. The Off-Staff Starter (Discoverer Book) is definitely the first stop for every young student because it takes time to orient the student to playing the black keys and then the white keys, in both cases using pre-staff notation (i.e. letter names in noteheads). It begins with an introduction to posture, finger numbers and the keyboard. Friendly, child-minded songs on the black keys and then the white give the student their first start at "reading" music. This level also includes an introduction to basic rhythm and notes; time signatures 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4; and culminates in reading from the grand staff, one hand at a time, with thumbs on middle C. Once the Off Staff Starter is completed, the student is ready to move onto Level 1A, the Explorer Book. Each level offers a theory book and creative accompaniments in CD and MIDI Disk formats. Each sticker series listed below contains 48 upbeat, encouraging stickers for students at any level and can certainly be used with any method. Your students will love receiving them!.

Discover the difference a method can make with this exciting series! Piano Discoveries captures the musical imagination of students and teachers alike with appealing and sensitive repertoire, well-integrated and supportive music theory, creative activities, and a gradually paced building of technical skills that equips the student to progress successfully and musically. Created by an exceptional team: composer and teacher, Janet Vogt; world acclaimed concert artist and master teacher, Leon Bates; along with guidance and contributions from innovative composers and teachers including Nancy Telfer, Gail Berenson, Scott McBride Smith, Martha Sherrill Kelsey, and Rebecca Shockley, Piano Discoveries reflects the expertise and talents of its entire creative team.

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Difficulty: Level 1
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