Norton, Christopher - American Popular Piano: Etudes, Level 1 - Piano Method Series*

Novus Via Music Group

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American Popular Piano – Etudes
Level One – Etudes
Publisher: Novus Via Music Group
Authors: Christopher Norton, Scott McBride Smith

This is one of four level-one books in the American Popular Piano series - the educational piano course by Christopher Norton and Scott McBride Smith.

The series has 11 difficulty Levels, and each Level contains: Repertoire album with CD; Etudes album (including Improvisation); Skills book; Technic (technique) book.

Level One
For advanced beginners
- Hands play together
- Whole note, half note, quarter note, dotted half note
- Whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, dotted-half rest
- pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, crescendo and diminuendo
- Slur, legato, staccato, accent
- 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4 time signatures
- Key signatures up to one sharp and one flat
- Repeat, 8va, tie, fermata, ritardando, a tempo

Etudes Albums:
complement the corresponding Repertoire Album with traditional technical etudes in both classical and popular styles and through a revolutionary, module-based approach to improvisation.

  • Technical Etudes: builds solid fundamentals by focusing on specific technical and musical elements; offers an enjoyable approach to improving facility;
  • Improvisation Etudes: delivers a practical framework for learning improvisation; integrates effortlessly into traditional piano lessons; module structure provides intuitive, progressive development from the very first level; encourages creativity and spontaneity; trains critical active listening skills.


  • Improvisation Etudes: County Fair
  • This Dance Please
  • Never Say Never
  • The Girl on the Beach
  • Norn Section
  • Going to Dr. John
  • Improvisation Performance Etudes: County Fair
  • This Dance Please
  • Never Say Never
  • The Girl on the Beach
  • Horn Section
  • Going to Dr. John
  • Technical Etudes
  • Classical: After Kohler
  • After Gurlitt
  • After Norton
  • After Beyer
  • After Le Couppey
  • After "Hey Betty Martin"
  • Var. on "After Hey Betty Martin"
  • After Czerny
  • After Bartok
  • Technical Etudes
  • Pop: The Long Road
  • Losing the Way
  • Ebb&Flow
  • Mop Dance
  • Hidden Melody
  • Smooth Path Ahead
  • A Great Day Out
  • An Honorable Tradition
  • Country Dance

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72 pages

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