Lynn Freeman Olson Signature Collection-Vol. 1 - Lynn Freeman Olson

Carl Fischer LLC

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During his lifetime, Lynn Freeman Olson (1938-1987) was America's favorite composer of educational piano music. This series for piano students honors his life's work with some of his most popular educational piano solos. Many of the pieces continue to be represented on national festival, state festival, and audition lists. Each volume offers progressive pieces for the piano student in a variety of styles and includes a CD with recordings by the composer. Titles among the three volumes include: Camel Ride; Faraway Drums; First Sonatina; Lazy Day; Make It Snappy!; Secret Mission; Bumblebee Toccata; Festival in Aragon; Rhythm Machine; Sonatina Americana; Ballad of Don Quixote; Night near a Spanish Harbor; Scherzando; Short Story and many more.

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