Piano Miniatures - Victor Labenske

Piano Miniatures - Victor Labenske

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.This creative collection of short solos offers an enjoyable musical journey for the intermediate pianist. There are 24 pieces, one each in every major and minor key. The pieces are paired in parallel major and minor keys and can be performed in these pairs or in other combinations. Each piece is programmatic and represents a mood or scene that will help students develop their musical imaginations and the ability to create a particular atmosphere.

Player Piano (C major)
Storm Clouds (C minor)
Happy-Go-Lucky (G major)
Tough Break (G minor)
Tender Moment (D major)
Danza Española (D minor)
West Coast Waltz (A major)
Determination (A minor)
Faith (E major)
Dusk (E minor)
Short 'n' Sweet (B major)
Thoughtful (B minor)
Country Fiddle (F-sharp major)
The Silent Movie (F-sharp minor)
Meditation (D-flat major)
Lost in Thought (C-sharp minor)
Carefree (A-flat major)
Bitter Sweet (G-sharp minor)
Mountaintop View (E-flat major)
Trail Rider (E-flat minor)
Not Much Time for the Blues (B-flat major)
Feeling Guilty (B-flat minor)
Latin Drums (F major)
Out of Time (F minor)


Composed by: Victor Labenske
Instrument: Piano
Format: Book
Page Count: 28
Item Number: 00-29153
ISBN 10: 0-7390-5045-1
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-5045-3
UPC: 038081320878

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