The Music Tree: Keyboard Technic, Part 3

$ 24.95

With charming child-focus excercises, Part 3 enters into the early intermediate level. Pieces support the understanding of sixteenth notes, inversions of triads, relative major and minor keys and scales, the subdominant and dominant seventh chords, chromatic and whole tone scales, syncopation, and use of the damper pedal. Music Tree Part 3 offers a new accompaniment series including audio CDs and MIDI disks along with an educational software program to motivate piano students. The audio CDs contain two performances per selection: solo part with an orchestrated accompaniment and orchestrated accompaniments alone. The MIDI disks can be used with a MIDI keyboard with a disk drive or a personal computer. The MIDI disk offers the ability to control the tempo, transpose to a different key, add a metronome click, and more. Home Concert 2000 Special Edition from TimeWarp is the software program included. This programs shows students parts on the computer screen, automatically turns the electronic pages, and adjusts tempo and dynamics to the students playing (if the keyboard is connected to the computer). About The Music Tree
The Music Tree series continues the development of complete musicianship by providing the beginner with delightful and varied repertoire. The pupil learns a variety of idioms encompassing folk, jazz and pop. The creativity of the students is emphasized since they are given musical segments to rearrange, transpose, complete or to use as the basis for a new composition. Technical aspects are also addressed including greater facility, blocked intervals and chords, and more hands together playing. Guided training steps are used to encourage intelligent practice skills.